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Have you ever asked yourself:

Megan can help find the answer.

"Is this really what a CS job gets me? THIS IS NOT WHAT I had ENVISIONED."


Megan coaches young professionals, recent college grads, and millennials to find the next step in their career without succumbing to what society, college friends, and family “expects them to do.” She also specializes in coaching folks who identify as women, first gen college students, and underrepresented students in industry and research as they navigate the pressure of being the perfect intern/employee.

Megan is there to guide you, whether that’s the OH SHIT moments at your first job or when you realize that the job you wanted so badly no longer makes sense. Megan will empower you to get over the “comparison-itis” with friends, and instead, create action plans that will help you move toward the next role quickly (whether that’s in tech, finance, sustainability, or’s also okay if those are the fields you’re looking to exit).


Megan was a career coach at Stanford University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she coached young professionals as they moved from industry to industry, unapologetically. She has worked in marketing, operations, sales, education, consulting, and social impact–all as an introvert. She is a deep dish pizza lover and can't wait to get back to eating at restaurants (and then complaining about it, resulting in meal prepping salads on Sundays). The crapstorm of 2020 makes her miss visiting wineries, breweries, and lactose-free ice cream businesses with other humans.

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recent talks

Megan has worked with young professional organizations, non-profits supporting low-income families, organizations empowering women in STEM, recent college grads, and companies caring for the mental health of native and underrepresented professionals. Click on each topic to learn more.

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1:1 Career
coaching sessions

career talks


Figure out what's next, get help with a job search, find clarity as a professional or recent grad

Learn what other industries and organizations look for, explore other career paths

Review resume/cover letter, do interview mockups, discuss transferable skills

1 hour

1 - 2 hour(s)

1 - 2 hour(s)*

*additional time available for virtual conferences or training

Recent Talks

"TLDR; Megan is a rare combination of someone who actively pursues self-growth and learning, takes the time to learn from her experiences, and cares enough to share them with the people who ask for her to invest in them."

Catherine s.

Champaign, IL

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